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Welcome to Trucking Fantastic

My name is Dylan Winter and I have been a trucking enthusiast all my life. I have spent the past 25 years filming trucks all over the World.

Here you can learn what the men who do the real jobs think about their trucks and their day to day lives. No pretend cliff hangers, no advertising breaks, no insane caffeine junkies screaming at the camera about how they have to get the job done before the avalanche.

Real men telling you what its like to be an extraordinary trucker working some of the toughest routes in the World.

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I have always found that most real truckers – as opposed to just blokes who drive trucks, are decent people who stand their round.  I am proud to say I have never been ripped by a real trucker.

So we shall see if this little experiment works.

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Log Trucks

Massive 150 tonne Pacific and Hayes log trucks working

the steep dirt roads in the Pacific North West

Log Truck drivers have to deal with some of the most dangerous roads to be found anywhere. As they say, “Going up is easy – its the coming down thats tough”. The trucks are fitted with three different sets of brakes – one set is water-cooled. You can see the water boiling off the red hot brake shoes as the men grapple with the gears and the brakes as they struggle to retain control of their trucks coming down the steep and winding dirt roads – rock walls on one side and drops of thousands of feet on the other.

Trucking New Zealand

Spend time with the truckers of New Zealand

who drive their massive tandem rigs through some of the most

amazing scenery in the World

New Zealand truckers have to be extremely flexible – loading wild deer for the slaughterhouse one day, working sheep with their truck dogs another and then onto a silage crew – running alongside the forage harvesters across the fields to bring in the harvest – this is anything but the same old run up the A1 with yet another supermarket delivery.

The 2,000 Mile Harvest

The iconic truckers job – stupidly long hours

- real team work as the young truckers drive their heavily laden

Kenworths and Peterbilts as they bring in the biggest harvest in the World

Find out what its like for the young truckers from the UK and Australia who head out to the American Prairies to bring in the wheat harvest – first they have to pass their Commercial Drivers License test, then its six months on the road living in trailer houses, long nights, dust and dirt roads, field maintenance – one of the most amazing trucking jobs in the world